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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2014 World Cup Preview: Netherlands vs Argentina Semi-Final Football Showdown

Germany enters the World Cup 2014 Finals and it's time for Argentina vs Netherlands to square off as Germany's superb performance led by Thomas Mueller saw Brazil crushing to it's feet because of the absense of their main man Neymar after suffering broken vertebrae. It could have been a different story if Neymar is around but Brazil should have not rely too much in Neymar as David Luiz, Thiago Silva and Hulk is around maybe the mindset is all that matters. Moving forward, the match between Argentina vs Netherlands will be as exciting as it turns to be because we will see a match made in heaven by Leo Messi, Angel Di Maria against the high flying dutchman Robin Van Persie in Arena de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo at 21:00 BST on July 09, 2014 Wedenesday for a surefire knock out games were in the dutch inevitable trip to outer space is nearing if they will be world cup champions and we can expect to see high flying maneuver and high diving RVP much more along with Robben. But don't forget that Messi is around who is willing to play the game of his life and is ready to mess around with the Dutch to enter the finals and meet the Germans. Argentina's top player Leo Messi will be the apple of the eye tonight as the successor to football legend Diego Maradona, Messi will surely be compared again and the question of will Argentina go to the finals and being the world cup champion is a question with unclouded certainty and just like Brazil, Argentina must not only rely on Messi because if Messi will be guarded heavily by the Dutch another Messi should step up. As for Robben and RVP, there is no stopping in going to outer space so the dynamic duo will do their best to take Netherlands to the finals to meet Arjen Robben's football team and team mates in the finals match.

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