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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Brazil vs Netherlands for 3rd place in the World Cup Preview

The match between Brazil vs Netherlands will unfold for their clash for the 3rd place in World Cup were in the selecao must win to at least lessen their fans embarassment and as for Neymar who felt very bad was in tears however the dutch wouldn't seem to care less and would like to win instead. So the match today is quite exciting and far interesting to watch in the first place even though it's just for the 3rd place alone. As Brazil suffered a devastating loss to Germany and brazilians are totally shocked for what has happened simply because the Germans kept on scoring each time there's opportunity and was led by Thomas Mueller and company. It seems that David Luiz prowess didn't show up and the thing is they rely too much on Neymar but it's true it could have been a different story if Neymar was there, that is, Brazil still loses but the score would not be that way which is why the guy below seems to fall backwards unconciously and weather it is on purpose or not, it's looks hilarious at all. On the other hand the trip to space for the Dutch team was a no go for launch as they didn't even reach the finals as the condition is that they must be the World Cup champions, but all is not lost as space camp is a good place to start with and in fact what the guy did below seems to defy gravity were he thinks he felt he was in space floating on zero-g but not totally, because he is almost drag down and succumb on the floor but still manage to balance with great athleticism over gravity.

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