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Saturday, July 5, 2014

World Cup 2014 Quarter- Finals: Argentina vs Belgium Preview Football Match: Argentina in Semi-Finals

Brazil won and sent out James Rodriguez back home leaving Neymar ruled out of the world cup because of the back injury were pain is excruciating and needing some rest. But the action continues in Estadio Nacional in Brasilia were in today's match will be that of Argentina vs Belgium at 17:00 BST July 05, 2014. Angle DiMaria was the hero in Argentina's last game but today another look and all eyes will be on Lionel Messi again as the Barca's superstar will once again set the stage either for a hat trick or last minute goal while on the other hand Belgium, the team that sent home USA will also have a chance of giving the Argentine's a good game for this quarter-finals do or die match. Eden Hazard presence is not yet felt in this world cup but soon enough he may surprise everyone as Belgium is looking forward to beat Argentina mainly because of it's dynamic and youthful teams as Messi face off with Hazard is going to be an exciting match ahead but as far as Diego Maradona is concern, Messi is now looking forward to beat his record of having 2 watches in his arms:-)

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