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Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Largest Super Moon aka Beaver Moon Since 1948 Is Visible On November 2016

On the the night of September 16, 2016 a Full Harvest Moon Eclipse 2016 is going to happen and will occur again after 8 years and the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2016 is set to happen were the Earth, Moon and Sun will align and the Earth will be in the middle of the Moon and the Sun and hence a Lunar Eclipse unveils, aka Blood Moon, the total lunar eclipse of April 2015 is quite special as it marks the 3nd in the series of lunar eclipse Tetrad were the first one happened last April 15th and the other two are set to occur on 2015. The significance of which are very profound for some in terms of religious acts were the apocalyptic days are numbered when blood moon occurs and so the tetrad is very important word to date. A total lunar eclipse event happens when the moon is completely in the Earth's shadow, and any light reaching the moon must first pass through the Earth's atmosphere and we have the umbra and penumbra to consider and during lunar eclipse instead of reflecting sunlight, the shadowed moon is bathed in a red light that bends around our atmosphere while the effect of being red or bloody is the result of the Earth's atmosphere being too much polluted:-) while watching a Lunar Eclipse is much safer than the Solar Eclipse because it's visibility happens during the start of the evening and can be seen by the naked eye compare to observing the Solar Eclipse were too much precaution needs to be considered to protect the eye.

The total lunar eclipse 2015 is going to be visible in parts of North America,Eastern Asia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia plus it gets even better when there is no clouds but frustration is imminent as it is the shortest total lunar eclipse of the century that is set to happen.

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